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Our founder, Bob Weider, has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. He has helped hundreds of people and organizations manage their financial and charitable giving portfolios to maximize return and tax efficiency.

Bob’s experience led him to create GiveStream, a bottom-up, employee directed giving platform that turns traditional corporate philanthropy on its head. A new alternative to matching and payroll deductions, GiveStream allows corporations to allot a portion of their charitable giving funds directly to employees to distribute in their local communities to causes they believe in, that directly impact their lives.

We believe that this distributed approach to corporate giving will deliver greater return on investment for corporations and also produce a fundamental shift in corporate giving that will ultimately change our world for the better. Consider the following:


  • Employees live and work in their communities. Who better to know the issues and problems affecting those communities and be most invested in supporting the nonprofits that do the best work solving those issues?


  • Employees can distribute giving to a diverse set of community needs: poverty, animal welfare, education, the arts, hunger, homelessness, child development, health, youth sports, addiction recovery, career development, disease research, the list is endless. Whatever the employee feels is most important to him or her.


  • Corporations simply cannot vet and manage giving to such a diverse set of needs in traditional top-down philanthropy.


  • When employees are trusted to direct corporate giving, they develop a greater sense of corporate loyalty and pride. We want employees to be more invested in corporate giving.


  • More efficient funding options and reductions in costs and overhead save money that increases the total giving pool resulting in greater investment in social improvements.


  • Corporations are finding that sustainability and community improvements are investments in future profits not empty costs.


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