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New Video Explains the Incredible Value of GiveStream


Changing the World One Employee at a Time GiveStream is a new tool in your talent recruiting and engagement toolbox. For smaller companies, GiveStream can function as a stand alone engagement solution, connecting with employees to let them know they are valued and collecting valuable engagement and giving […]

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10 Reasons Why GiveStream is Good for Your Business

Detailed Reporting

  GiveStream’s main benefit is that it is an economically viable, high impact, easy to implement tool to combat the increasingly high cost of turnover. But it has other major benefits for employers as well. Below are 10 reasons why GiveStream will be good for your business. […]

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Millennial job hopping stops here.

Are our company giving campaigns really engaging our millennial employees? New research suggests they are not. It’s no secret that millennials are impacting the workplace, they are the largest generation in the workforce and will continue to be for the next decade. And research shows that they […]

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The GiveStream financial advantage.

Charitable Funds

GiveStream is designed to allow a corporation to set aside money for charitable contributions and then enable employees to donate their portion of the funds to whichever charity they choose. Often a corporation does not have the resources to vet multiple charitable causes. They choose an umbrella organization like the […]

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What is GiveStream’s service, anyway?

Employees relationship

  GiveStream was founded on one idea – To help companies use their corporate philanthropy in a new way to help attract, motivate, and retain good talent on an individual level. By allocating funds to the employees and letting them directly distribute that money to the causes that […]

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