CSR Engagement Programs Are Missing Something



CSR Engagement Programs are Missing Something


According to an America’s Charities study, 80% of companies are committed to a giving program to help them attract and retain millennial talent.

But 92% of companies say they have challenges connecting millennials to existing giving programs and 85% say administering their campaigns and keeping them fresh are their top challenges. Millennials are not shy about what they want:


  • Greater employee choice and direction of charitable giving
  • Greater diversity of charitable giving options
  • Easy social media sharing of employees’ cause support efforts
  • Support of employees personal causes, 84% of millennials have a personal cause
  • Fresh, modern, individualized mobile device services
  • Pathways to volunteering, especially pro-bono use of personal skill sets
  • Year round giving
  • Peer-to-peer interaction and group activities
  • Publication and sharing of results, millennials want to see what they’ve helped accomplish


Clearly we’re missing an important piece of the puzzle. We’ve tried to morph traditional strategic giving into an engagement multiplier by internally promoting corporate causes. We’ve tried matching campaigns. We’ve tried to give employees more of a voice in corporate charity selection hoping that would fit. We’ve tried a lot of things to make giving into an engagement strategy.

But here’s what missing. With today’s technology, and a tech tool like GiveStream, we have new options to give employees everything on their giving wish list. Technology simplifies giving and reduces overhead to such a degree that we aren’t limited to a few corporate charities and yearly giving campaigns.

With GiveStream, we can add a giving option that appeals to millennials right alongside existing giving campaigns.

We can easily allocate corporate charitable funds directly to employees, and let them individually choose charities that matter to them. A mobile tech giving service like GiveStream creates a modern, interactive, social giving experience which can be initiated year round and can seamlessly connect employees with charities for volunteering and pro bono work.

If corporate giving is to become an employee engagement tool, individual employee causes should be at the top of the giving list.



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