The beauty of personal giving.


CharityOften we hear stories of everyday people, our friends and neighbors, doing what they can to raise money or awareness for issues they care about, or to support causes they believe in. Causes such as support for people in need or with disabilities or medical issues, education such as reading or science for kids, amateur sports, preventing cruelty to animals, and the environment.

For example, a friend recently called me for advice about updating a website for a nonprofit started as a way for neighbors to help neighbors, a simple but impactful idea pursued by a woman who wants to make a difference in her community. I also heard that an attorney friend is thinking of ditching an unfulfilling law career to start a nonprofit animal rescue. A guy I met at a discount furniture store loading dock uses his plumbing van once a month to collect free “scratch and dent” furniture to distribute to people who are starting over, after evictions or foreclosures force them to give up their household possessions. And a friend started a nonprofit to train service dogs to work in schools with children who have learning differences.

What do all of these stories have in common? Each one begins with a person who wants to fix the problem they see. People with their boots on the ground, so to speak, in their communities, who are motivated and involved and really want to make a change.

But where do they get the funds to do what they do? They don’t have big advertising budgets and they don’t send out mass mailings. Their money comes from their own pockets or from small, independent fund raisers like raffles and 5Ks. If they’re savvy, they may have a potential donor foundation and know how to write a grant request. These nonprofits are efficient, and treat each dollar as the precious resource that it is.

GiveStream’s service is good for the community because it can put the power of corporate philanthropy to work for these incredible people, by enabling each employee to distribute a portion of the corporate charitable funds to the charity of their choice. You can support your friends’ and neighbors’ IRS qualified nonprofits and, in the process, make your community a better place for all.

If you don’t have specific favorite charities, GiveStream lets you search charities by location, name, or type. This can get the word out about lesser known charities that need help.  GiveStream not only lets you contribute to these small nonprofits, it can also help you connect with them by providing contact points. And GiveStream lets you share your story so you can let others know about the charities you support and why they matter.

GiveStream is good for the community which means it’s good for you. It lets you change your world. If we each improve what we can, our collective impact will make a more successful global community. And  that’s the beauty of personal giving. So, what’s your cause?

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  1. Hi everyone. Just wanted to publish the links to two of the non-profits mentioned above.
    Neighbors helping neighbors is
    Service dogs helping kids with learning differences in school is

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