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GiveStream is designed to allow a corporation to set aside money for charitable contributions and then enable employees to donate their portion of the funds to whichever charity they choose.

Often a corporation does not have the resources to vet multiple charitable causes. They choose an umbrella organization like the United Way to help distribute their charitable dollars. While the United Way supports many worthwhile causes, it has its fees and it can limit the charitable reach.

Another problem is the sheer organizational effort required by volunteer time off (VTO). Most organizations are finding that VTO programs simply are not sustainable as the company grows. They often allow employees to use VTO, but do not take advantage of the charitable tax and PR benefits because of organizational headaches.

The GiveStream service can help with these problems because it requires limited corporate oversight and total costs for the GiveStream service are lower than traditional corporate philanthropy methods such as matching, VTO, and the United Way.

For these reasons, GiveStream is financially attractive, and also increases the benefits a corporation can get from corporate philanthropy. It enhances employee engagement, provides positive PR, and improves the communities where employees live and work.

How does the GiveStream service help with distributing the charitable funds?

Once the corporation has designated which employees should participate in the GiveStream program along with their allotted dollar amounts, GiveStream communicates by email with each employee to let them know that they have been selected as a valued employee to participate in the corporate charitable donation process.

The email contains a link to access the simple and easy-to-use GiveStream interface to select their favorite charity, distribute their allotted portion, and share their experience for positive PR benefits. GiveStream allows employees to make charitable donations as often as they wish, with quarterly being the most common option.

GiveStream handles all administrative tasks, reducing the corporate burden and cost of philanthropy, while providing valuable tax and brand expansion benefits and increasing employee engagement and retention. And GiveStream costs less than traditional corporate philanthropy methods.

GiveStream collects important information about employee participation and donations to be used to manage the service, produce positive PR, and further engage your employees. An informative report is distributed to all interested stake holders in the corporation.

GiveStream offers this innovative, cost effective use of corporate funds to realize richer benefits than traditional corporate philanthropy. These benefits include increased employee engagement and diversified charitable giving that reaches directly into employee communities, expands brand identity, and lets your employees become corporate ambassadors.



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